WiFi Thermostat Heatmiser SmartStat – A Smarter Smart Thermostat

  • Control from your smartphone

    SmartStat has built in WiFi so connects directly to your home router. As SmartStat connects to your SmartPhone via our cloud server setup is a dream and will take minutes – no technical setup here. SmartStat is compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android SmartPhones and Tablets.

  • Geo Location

    Geo Location uses the mobile phone masts, nearby WiFi and your GPS to calculate your position. When you setup Geo Location on the SmartStat App, you set a leaving and returning trigger. When you pass these triggers, SmartStat will adjust the temperature in your home automatically.

Smart Thermostats have become extremely popular in Europe, giving European users the ability to control their heating from anywhere. Functions vary between products, but all aim to give customers more control of their heating.

SmartStat from Heatmiser is different.

Heatmiser SmartStat, the latest smart internet thermostat from British Company Heatmiser offers Geo Location, a function that means you have to interact with your thermostat even less than before.

As our lives are busier than ever before, few of us have predictable times when we will arrive home. Geo Location on the Heatmiser SmartStat Smart Thermostat is ideal for these users as it will automatically turn the heating off when the last person leaves home and will turn the heating back on when the first person returns.

Being even smarter, Heatmiser SmartStat works with multi-users, so there is no risk of other members of your household being left out in the cold!

The Heatmiser SmartStat works with conventional heating systems and water based underfloor heating.

For those looking for an Internet connected thermostat, the Geo Location facility on the new Heatmiser SmartStat really does put the word smart in smart thermostat.

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  • Multi Zone

    Up to 32 SmartStats can be controlled within one location without the need for any network hub. Global features such as Temperature Hold, Key Lock and Home/Away are all available on the SmartStat App.

  • Flexible Programming

    The SmartStat can be set to work in Non Programmable, 24hr mode, 5/2 Day or 7 Day Programming ensuring that you can select the right programming choice for your requirement.