Why a Smart Thermostat makes sense for Electric Floor Heating.

The Heatmiser neoKit-e can replace almost all electric floor heating thermostats and once installed provides App Control for up to 32 zones of heating.

The Geo Location on Neo will turn the heating off when you leave home and will turn it back on before you return, ensuring your home is nice and cosy.

neoKit-e from Heatmiser will change the way you control your heating system, will help you reduce your energy consumption and will provide an even more comfortable living environment.

You can buy the Heatmiser neoKit-e from the Heatmiser Online Store 

  • Electric Floor Heating

    Electric Floor Heating is a popular method of heating in the UK. The benefits of this type of heating are clear such as instant heat, thinner installed height so more suited to retrofit applications, and lower installation cost compared with water underfloor heating systems.

    The rise of the internet has given birth to an all new way of controlling your electric floor heating system which means you can now have control of your heating from your smartphone wherever you are in the world.

  • SmartPhone Control

    SmartStat has built in WiFi so connects directly to your home router. As SmartStat connects to your SmartPhone via our cloud server setup is a dream and will take minutes – no technical setup here. SmartStat is compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android SmartPhones and Tablets.

  • Geo Location

    Geo Location uses the mobile phone masts, nearby WiFi and your GPS to calculate your position. When you setup Geo Location on the SmartStat App, you set a leaving and returning trigger. When you pass these triggers, SmartStat will adjust the temperature in your home automatically.