Smart Heating & Hot Water Thermostat Kits

Smart Thermostat Kits

Our neoKit Gen 2 Smart Thermostat Kits are supplied with everything you need to control your heating & hot water from anywhere in the world from your SmartPhone.

The Gen 2 neoHub brings HomeKit support to all Neo Connected devices. Learn more about the great benefits of HomeKit here. 

From the moment you download and install the neoApp on your mobile device you will be surprised how easy it is to have access to your multi zone heating system from your SmartPhone.

With our Geo Location feature, it’s even easier to reduce your energy costs. Neo will lower the temperature in your home when it detects the last person has left and will turn the heating back on when it detects someone is on their way home.

Multi Zone Control: You can control up to 32 zones on your Neo System and you can have additional homes too!

Heatmiser Neo works on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch as well as Android & Windows Phone and you can share the App with everyone in your home.

Compatible with Google Home, Alexa and Apple HomeKit