Situated near Beauly, Inverness-shire; Torran Lodge is a prestigious new holiday retreat that promises visitors a warm welcome and comfortable stay; irrespective of the weather.

It’s designers (MRH Design) needed to install a truly advanced underfloor heating  system; one that would provide accurate temperature control in every room and also control towel rails and hot water supplies.

Specialist heating company Optimum UFH Ltd were appointed to supply the underfloor heating and associated control systems for Torran Lodge.  From the wide range of control solutions available to them, Optimum UFH chose Heatmiser’s Neo System for this important commercial installation.

As the build phase now draws to a close; Optimum UFH Ltd’s Managing Director, Mr Rory Haigh confirms he chose the Neo System well and kindly shares some feedback on the installation, which we are very pleased to publish.

The brief was to ensure that this 800 square meter, high specification build had the most efficient and comfortable underfloor heating system to cope with the North of Scotland’s sometimes extreme weather conditions.


The control aspect of this project was crucial in its design and operation. With some 29 individual areas within the property as well as domestic hot water and towel rail circuits, it was imperative that an extremely capable and user friendly system was employed. The controls also had to have the function of being able to be controlled remotely as the clients work and live in London.

The one control system available that ticked all these boxes was the new Neo thermostats from Heatmiser. Optimum presented the Neo system to the clients who were delighted with the functionality and equally delighted with its looks.

The system required no “special” cabling requirements and the site electrician commented on the ease of installation.

The system was recently switched on as to dry the floors and allow easier finishing of plastering and painting. The Neo system can be run without the neoHub in place and this can be added at any point in the future giving full remote access of all zones via the neoApp.

Within eight hours of the system being switched on, the Neo stats had all areas sitting at the programmed temperature of 16 degrees and has held them at this temperature exactly since.

Heatmiser’s Neo System really has proved an ideal solution for us; meeting our budget expectations and delivering Control From Anywhere functionality that’s certain to be a huge advantage for the clients.


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