neoStat-HC – 2&4 Pipe Smart Fan Coil Thermostat

Heatmiser neoStat-HC is our smart Fan Coil Thermostat that can be paired to the neoHub. Up to 32 zones can be controlled from the neoApp and support is provided for both 2&4 pipe systems.

neoStat-HC has been designed to support the majority of fan coil systems through our easy software setup.

What’s more, the neoApp provides intuitive control by automatically reflecting the available modes to the user. For 2 Pipe Systems, a system-wide switch is provided that makes moving between heating & cooling extremely user friendly.

When connected to the neoHub Gen 2*, app control of the system is possible.

2 Pipe Heat or Cool Systems

This mode provides heating or cooling as a system-wide switch in the neoApp.

4 Pipe Heat, Cool & Auto

This mode provides independent heating & cooling for each zone.

2 Pipe Cooling & 2 Stage Heating

This mode provides system-wide 2 stage Heating (Fan Coil & Floor Heating) and Fan Coil Cooling.

neoStat-HC Headline Features

  • Mode Select

    The neoStat-HC has a Mode Function allowing the user easily switch between operating modes. When paired to the neoHub, only available modes are visible.


    The neoStat-HC has illuminated touch keys with proximity sensor making the neoStat-HC easy to program in dark locations.

  • Fan Speed

    The neoStat-HC has a Fan mode, allowing the user to switch between Auto, High, Medium and Low fan speed. In auto, the neoStat-HC will automatically select the correct fan speed in order to maintain the set temperature.

  • White Backlight

    The neoStat-HC series incorporate a white back light, which turns off automatically when not in use.

App Features

  • Support for 2&4 Pipe Systems

    The neoApp is fully compatible with the neoStat-HC our 2&4 Pipe Fan Coil Thermostat with support for 32 zones. The neoApp can operate with Heating, Cooling or both Heating & Cooling Temperatures . 3 Speed Fan Control is also provided in the app on a zone and system level.

  • Global Mode Programming

    When used with a 2 Pipe System, neoApp offers a global mode switch allowing the user to easily switch between Heat or Cool Mode. Independent Mode control is available for 4 Pipe Systems.

  • Flexible Programming

    With the neoApp, you can program the heating and cooling profiles for each zone. What’s more you can easily copy between days and zones.

  • Multi Zone Control

    The neoApp can provide control of up to 32 zones that can be easily titled in the app.

*Important – the neoStat HC is not compatible with the neoHub Gen 1