Underfloor Heating Controls – Making the right choice.

When it comes to installing underfloor heating it’s really important to consider how the system will be controlled once installed.

Underfloor heating lends itself to being installed across multiple zones and is an extremely efficient way to heat a property.

How you control the underfloor heating should however be given a great deal of thought, and this should happen at the very beginning of the project design, as it’s often too late to make changes later.

At Heatmiser, we have always been a believer of zoning the heating in your home. This basically means having the ability to control the temperature in each area by means of a thermostat. A zone isn’t necessarily a room, you could group a number of rooms that will be used together off one thermostat.

Creating zones provides far more flexibility when it comes to control and we always compare heating to lighting, in that you wouldn’t have a single light switch for your home so why a single thermostat.

Smart control, where you can control your heating from your phone has become ever more popular over recent years and Heatmiser Neo does that and more. The Geo Location feature will ensure you never hear an empty home and it works across multiple users too.

Neo works across platforms, so those on Android, iOS and Windows Phone are covered and you can even take control of your multi zone underfloor heating system from your Apple Watch.

Neo is evolving and Apple HomeKit support is coming later this year, giving users even smarter control of their heating.

For more information on Neo click here All about Neo