Wireless App Control for your Heating & Hot Water – Say hello to neoAir Kit

neoAir Kit is the perfect choice for those looking to upgrade their existing system and wishing to control their heating & hot water from their SmartPhone.

The neoAir Kit includes all you need to get started, and the easy setup steps will have you up and running in no time at all.

The RF Switch is a mains powered wireless receiver that wires into your boiler and provides connections for both the heating & hot water circuits. Changeover contacts are provided, which means it’s compatible with valves that require power to open and close signals.

Once the RF Switch is installed, it’s just a matter of pairing the neoAir to the RF Switch and to the neoHub. The neoHub is the brains of the Neo System, coordinating the data between all of the connected Neo devices, of which you can have up to 32 on the one network.

(neoAir Stand Optional)

  • App Control

    Once paired to a neoHub, you can take control of your heating & hot water from anywhere!

  • Totally Wireless

    neoAir can be paired to the neoHub to offer App Control and works in conjunction with our UH8-RF and RF Switch receivers to offer a totally wireless, app controllable, solution

  • Geo Location

    neoAir benefits from the Neo Geo Location technology, which means your heating will turn down automatically when the last person leaves and back up when the first person returns.

  • Heating & Hot Water Control for your Home

    A single neoAir can control both the heating & hot water zones, perfect for those with a HW Cylinder.

  • Share Access

    Neo allows you to share access to your heating system with others. You can decide the level of access you give, perfect for rented homes or when you need to give access to system maintenance providers.