Apple HomeKit support is coming to Heatmiser Neo

Here at Heatmiser, we are proud of our continuous development and we are really excited about what’s coming this year.

One particular development we want to share with you is HomeKit.  Yes, HomeKit support is coming to Heatmiser Neo! We are aiming for a Q3 2016 launch, but this is subject to change.

We know you will have some questions and you are welcome to email our support team at but in the meantime take a few moments to see what HomeKit support means for Heatmiser Neo.

  • What is HomeKit ?

    HomeKit is the Home Automation platform by Apple. It connects HomeKit approved products together, allowing you to create triggers and actions that work seamlessly. So, telling Siri its “Movie Time” could lock your front door, set your Philips Hue lighting to just the right ambience and set your Heatmiser Thermostat to a cosy temperature.  An open window could trigger your Heatmiser Thermostat to turn the heating off and equally alert you when you leave home that your home isn’t secure. Connected devices will make our home smarter and those investing in Heatmiser Neo can be assured HomeKit support is coming.

  • Why are you announcing HomeKit Support now ?

    We feel HomeKit support will become a major purchasing decision for many, and so it’s only right you know what we are working on. Multi-zone heating systems are our expertise and its these systems that are going to benefit the most from HomeKit.

  • Will my existing equipment work with HomeKit?

    Your existing neoStat’s are compatible but you will need to replace your neoHub. This is because all HomeKit approved products require an Apple Authentication chip on-board – and this includes the Heatmiser neoHub.

  • Will you offer a Pre-Register & Loyalty Upgrade Offer?

    Yes!  We want as many of our customers to benefit from this exciting new feature as we just know you’re going to love it. We will be giving a £35 rebate to those customers who purchase a new neoHub and return their old one.

    For those who Pre-Register here, we will email you a £10 discount code* once the HomeKit compatible neoHub is available.

    Terms and Conditions

    • You need to return your old neoHub within 1 month to qualify for the £35 rebate.
    • Our Pre-Register Discount code will be a Time Limited Offer and will be strictly limited to 1 per customer.
    • The expected launch of our HomeKit neoHub is Q3 2016 but this is subject to change.